Holistic Business Coaching


Entrepreneurship is a myth. Holistic Business Coaching is an important competitive advantage.

There is an illusion that entrepreneurship is an heroic path reserved for those who start their own business or organization. It is not. Everyone is an entrepreneur with their lives.

Life is Entrepreneurship.

If one goes to the textbooks and looks at the definitions of “entrepreneur” one will find that there is no singular definition. Instead there are many definitions, some of which highlight business, stage, risk or leadership characteristics; none of which are definitive, because most miss the forest for the trees, putting entrepreneurship on a pedestal and failing to see the increments of entrepreneurship in everyday life for each person, one life at a time.

Each person who takes a vision for their life and takes action to try to achieve success, whether it is as a teacher, a lawyer, a nurse or a businessperson, is an entrepreneur. It is simply a matter of perspective. Everyone has a business. It is the business of their life.

There is no line between life and business and sustainability

Entrepreneurship is holistic. It involves mind, body, spirit and transformation in the challenge of building a life and achieving success, however one defines success. Personality, beliefs, motivation, knowledge, skills, aptitudes, circumstances, experience and serendipity all play a part. There are no lines between work and life.

Entrepreneurship is a journey of learning where life, health, work, passion and purpose must be balanced along the way or the path is unsustainable.

Balance is a Required Entreprenerial Skill

With decades of working with hundreds of entrepreneurs, we have learned that this balance is essential, and every entrepreneur will at some time need help in mind, body, spirit, motivation, decision making, and Life planning. We also know that entrepreneurship includes overcoming other challenges such as physical and learning disabilities.

We provide a variety of holistic practice for our clients including:

  • Life Coaching
  • Guided Meditation
  • Stress management
  • Career planning and management
  • Executive Coaching
  • Values Alignment
  • Integrative Strategic Planning
  • Intuitive decision making

Our team includes professionals who have led world renowned spirit-based organizations to credentialed psychologists specializing in individual and organizational psychology, and we routinely assist our clients in finding the best in wellness and holistic practices such as meditation, heart centered training and advanced alternative healing. We are also experts in the field of sustainability.

Random Testimonial:

“Stewart is a very thought provoking individual that creates his own boxes to think out of. This man is a thought leader par excellence who can size up a situation, break it down into its component parts and reassemble the problem as a platinum grade solution.He has very high integrity and and a very cultured sense of hunor. He is practical, personable and will quickly become a friend to those that trust him. Stewart has my highest recommendation and thanks for what he has done to help our business. Five stars.” June 27, 2008

Nigel Smart (client)