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About Us

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Inquiry International blends philosophy, discpline, information and practice by applying principles of Radical Inquiry to the conceptual and applied areas of nature, entrepreneurship, ecology of commerce and personal and organizational transformation and environment.

The Technology of Community

Inquiry International is a new form of social collaboration that embraces the technology of community, embodying the practice of inquiry and integrity based leadership and decision making that is holistic, transformative, and integrated into fundamental aspects of our being including leadership, systems of value, entrepreneurship, capital formation, and sustainable economics.

Inquiry Principles

The fundamental principles of the Inquiry International are the building and populating of interconnected organizations and dynamic, interactive domains, all of which are dedicated to the following core principles:

  • Incremental Learning
  • Applied Disciplined Inquiry
  • Self-directed Learning
    Teaching Inquiry-based Learning
  • Community Formation
  • Collaborative Systems
  • Sustainable Organizational Development
  • Personal and Organizational Transformation


Inquiry International promotes personal and organizational transformation through iterative inquiry in the spectrum of awareness from spiritual to the ecology of commerce.

Vital Web 2.0 Chaos

The emergence of the web as a social evolution paradigm provides the natural and valuable chaos of the emergent individual and community expansion into new realms and generations. It is vital chaos in its very early stages a Web 2.0 world waiting for leadership and the injection of social values. The injections of social values into such social network architectures will range from nepotism to altruism.

Web 3.0 – Leadership and Collaboration in Web 2.0 Chaos

Inquiry International is meant to be an altruistic network of leadership value based on doctrines of inquiry. The practices and philosophies of inquiry provide a path on the journey to the discovery of self, spirit, science, collaboration, community, and consciousness for the planet.

Inquiry International is joining with aligned strategic partners to enhance and develop its discovery of the application of Radical Inquiry™ as an antidote for the pervasive monoculture of rationalized capitalism™ that accompanies globalization worldwide.

Inquiry International also provides coaching and consulting, information products and programs and project-based consulting services. We apply the Discipline of Radical Inquiry to assess, diagnose, and provide solutions to each of the individual needs of our clients and their organizations.

This is Our Passion

We love advising entrepreneurs, helping them solve problems, plan and build their organizations, and teaching them how to grow, survive and to succeed. We have worked with hundreds of entrepreneurs and organizations throughout the world.

We believe that entrepreneurs need knowledge, solutions and support combined with disciplined inquiry as the means to acquire the wisdom required to succeed, personally, professionally and organizationally.

We provide wisdom mentoring with knowledge, solutions and support with a passion for entrepreneurs and their organizations.
We believe that every entrepreneur, equipped with the right mindset, tools and help has the ability to succeed.
We care for you, the entrepreneur, because we have been there and we understand the hurdles you must overcome.

We know you need help with your business “where you are, when you are and how you are right now.

Every entrepeneur “needs a community” of support, encouragement and answers to the countless question that arise with the growth of a business. Inquiry International understands this and helps you build this community.