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Back Pocket

“If Only I Had A Business Instruction Book In My Back Pocket….”

Back Pocket Strategies™ are dedicated to the entrepreneur. The person who’s life is on the line who must finance, operate, manage and innovate, all at the same time, while remembering what to do, how to do it and who they are all in the midst of chaos.

They are about mastering the elements of entrepreneurship, business and strategic planning and management through a few simple and basic approaches, beginning with the wonderful and whimsical use of working metaphors™, teaching phrases, that invoke images and inquiry.

Business answers always in your “Back Pocket”

Back Pocket Strategies™ provide entrepreneurs with essential guidance, tools, and operating principles that can help them navigate through uncertainty, constant change, and crisis using approaches and language rooted in simple, practical and easily learned systems that allow organizations, groups and individuals to master the process for themselves, and to use it “on the fly” in any circumstance as if they carried it in their “back pocket”.

They are also about giving entrepreneurial organizations a common working language that can give them the means to build integrity and congruence from the center of the organization to edges, so “what you see is what you get” from center of the organization through to the edges.

Back Pocket Strategies are a teaching philosophy and best practices in entrepreneurial management, much like a martial art.

They have several main themes:

  • Working metaphors™ – The use of metaphorical phrases, such as Oh Shits™, which are designed to invoke simple understanding, inquiry and practice around a piece of essential entrepreneurial leadership wisdom.
  • The Discipline of inquiry™ – The applied use and mastery of diligent radical inquiry, every entrepreneur’s essential Swiss Army Knife™ of leadership and sustainability.
  • Integrity based leadership™ – Authenticity and congruence as an individual, an organization and as a brand as the foundation for Transformational Leadership.
  • The Discipline of Value™ – In our Ecology of Commerce™, everything is about value alignment. This simple truth drives effective leadership, communication, marketing and sustainability.

Back Pocket Strategies are designed for the arena of entrepreneurship; applied at the individual as well as organizational levels to solve many of the dilemmas millions of entrepreneurs struggle with every day. They are designed to invoke.

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