The Power of Inquiry

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Inquiry is Power

Inquiry is power; the power of  leadership, management, business growthe and personal transformation.

We live in an environment of Rationalized Capitalism, where we are paid to conclude and to judge, and rarely to inquire. Inquiry, perhaps the most powerful value and skill development a person or organization can master, is lost in a sea of assumptions and conclusions on the way to goals and objectives.

And yet, Inquiry is the universal tool for business success, science breakthrough, leadership excellence, effective management and personal transformation. It is the root of excellence in decision making and consistent effective organizational design and organizational development. Good questions make good decisions.

Inquiry is the root of positive change and discovery. It is the foundation for learning and it is the bricks and mortar of acquired expertise and experience. All solutions begin with questions.

All great leaders, great thinkers, great philosophers, great scientists, great designers and successful entrepreneurs use inquiry. They ask great questions to solve major problems.

All personal transformation and organizational transformation is powered by inquiry. It is the path to understanding the nature of our universe, our selves and our world. It is the number one tool of innovation, entrepreneurship and enlightenment.

Harnessing Radical Inquiry

Radical Inquiry™ is the ability to use inquiry to go beyond questions to mastering the process of inquiry discipline in both depth and breadth, both internally and externally and to harness inquiry in applied critical thinking, decision making, insight, intuition and integrity based-leadership™. It is a mastery skill, much like a martial art.

We are a team of professionals who have mastered the processes of Radical Inquiry™, the ultimate inquiry discipline, as leaders, business owners and as advisors to leaders and their organizations. We use it to advise our clients in strategic planning, branding, marketing and corporate development.

We use it to assess who you are, where you are, what your needs are and what are the appropriate solutions for you.

Think about business problem solving and ask yourself – which issue do I face that isn’t rooted in a question?

  • How do I create branding for my business idea or company?
  • How do I create a business plan?
  • How do I lead my organization into the future?
  • How do I manage change?
  • How do I create a strategic plan or do the strategic planning?
  • How do I master self develoment to acheive success?
  • How do I gain insight, awareness and wisdom?

The solutions you seek are found in the process of inquiry discipline, and the information and solutions that are the result.

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