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Oh Shit

There is wisdom and wonder in the ubiquitous experience of Oh Shit!

As we go through Life, playing, working, discovering and growing, we inevitably run into Life’s uncertainties, events that are unexpected, unplanned, unwanted and unwelcome. How many times has something happened where your first reaction was to say or think “Oh Shit!”.

Take a moment, and think about all the times you have experienced an Oh Shit.

As a child, it sounded like; Uh Oh! or Oh No! or Oops! As an adult, we experience Oh Shits across the spectrum of our daily lives in areas such as;

Work Oh Shits

Think of when you have uttered Oh Shit! either out loud or under your breath at work, perhaps with;

  • A budget
  • A presentation
  • A client relationship
  • A lost shipment
  • A Boss
  • An employee
  • Etc.

Oh Shits are an inevitable component of our work life -every day. No one is immune. Even Pastors and Presidents are occasionally evoked to utter an Oh Shit! or two.

Life Oh Shits

Think of when you have uttered Oh Shit! either out loud or under your breath in the other areas of your life, perhaps with;

  • Love
  • Sports
  • Kids
  • Pets
  • Driving

The list of Oh Shits is endless. Indeed, the categories and dimensions of Oh Shits are truly boggling.

Categories of Oh Shits

Think of it. An Oh Shit can occur anytime, anywhere and in ways we cannot fathom. Oh Shits are associated with every span of emotion such as:

  • Fear – The gasping Oh Shit!
  • Despair – The anguished Oh Shit!
  • Humor – The hysterically funny Oh Shit!, or the Oh Shit! giggle
  • Resolve – The Oh Shit! of acceptance, the sighing Oh Shit!
  • Anticipation – The you know what will happen inevitability Oh Shit!
  • Anger – The blame someone else Oh Shit!
  • Love – The forgotten anniversary desperation Oh Shit!
  • Sad – The Oh Shit! of loss and disappointment
  • Happy – The surprise party Oh Shit!

This phrase is one of the most common and expressive elements of the English language.

But perhaps the most interesting aspect of this seemingly simple phrase is its use in business, particularly entrepreneurship.

Oh Shits Transformation

Indeed, this simple phrase can transform an organization’s culture, enhance communications, identify and manage risk, be essential in strategic planning, promote innovation, accelerate competitive response, and recondition attitudes of success and failure throughout an organization.

In Business, Oh Shits are worth their weight in Gold!

Using Oh Shits is probably the most robust risk management tool available to entrepreneurs today. When used in conjunction with an Oh Shits Inventory and an Oh Shits Index, businesses of all sizes can quickly identify and find solutions for risk. Finding one hidden Oh Shit! could save you or make you millions.

This is a tool that everyone gets, intellectually and viscerally, from the CEO, the Board of Directors to the person on the shop floor. There is no need for MBA’s or suits to analyze an organization’s risk concentrations.

Moreover, where else will one find an assessment tool that makes everyone laugh and giggle while learning one of the most important facets of any business. It’s very hard to take it seriously when people are comparing Oh Shits, but the results end up being very concrete and very real.

Similarly, Oh Shits teaches employees and leaders alike how to fail, and how to speak up, and how to reveal real problems with a smile on their face.

Oh Shits teaches collaboration as well. There is nothing more hilarious and good for team-building like comparing departmental or divisional piles of Oh Shits. People have wet their pants laughing.

If you would like to learn how to master Oh Shits… contact us, or go to our community and compare Oh Shits, or post a comment on our blog about your particular Oh Shit moment.

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