What is Inquiry worth?

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Every decision making moment begins with a question…

Every action is the result of a decision making…

Every business is built by decision making…

Every life is based on decision making…

Every leader is made by decisions…

Plan Them Well

Each decision has different costs, risks, time lines and consequences, and the key is knowing what you need and then which option to choose. Success in is dictated by time, resources, strategy, leadership and management in alignment with values, resources and needs.

These decisions generate a lot of questions worth a great deal. The value of Inquiry can boil down to one good question that can decide success or failure.

What is this worth?

In business, what is the cost of one mistake?

Our experience suggests between $5000 and $500,000. One bad hire can cost $50,000 to $250,000.

On the other hand, what is the value of one opportunity properly harvested? We know this can be in the millions.

In life, what is the cost of one mistake?

Loss of health, happiness, fulfilment, or success?

On the other hand, what if…you had asked that one extra question, followed your intuition one step further, or asked a loved one the question you always wanted to ask…? We know this can be priceless.

Disciplined Inquiry is the key to good decisions

Do you have the experience, skills, training, education and resources to accomplish what you need? Do you have the processes, knowledge, practice, intellect and personality to both avoid mistakes and to handle success? If you don’t, you need to either build, buy or rent it.

We can help you with all three options, while allowing you to avoid having to build or buy permanent resources along the way. You can rent brains, knowledge, experience and process by hiring a consultant. Although you may not be able to have The Mind of a Strategist™, if the consultant is good, you will ultimately “own” the results.

Our advisors are accomplished consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and professionals in their fields of expertise. Each has broad experience, education and insight, coupled with proven processes in order to deliver our core mission, The Discipline of Inquiry™.

This mandate and mission allows us a singular focus on the delivery of value, where every hour invested in us is an hour full of avoided mistakes and opportunities developed, personally, professionally and organizationally.Your investment with us should pay itself back in each hour you spend with us.

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