The gold in green is “Fool’s Gold”


It seems the tides are turning for the economics of “green”, and the luster may be off the rose in “CleanTech”. Why should this be a surprise? Take a look at the latest article from “Venture firms seek light green tech bets” .It seems that all of the people who expected to “cash […]

H.A.L.T. – A basic rule of decision making for success


Decision making for success is a paradox. We commonly do it automatically, without stopping to pay attention to our own state of mind and presence while we are trying to make decisions we will not regret later. How many decisions, made in haste, do you wish you could take back?… Decision making is a leadership […]

It takes a village

Hands Together

My autistic son just finished his junior year of high school with a 4.0 grade average – for the entire year! We cried, his teachers cried, he cried. The tears of joy, amazement, accomplishment, recognition of hard work, travail and group collaboration, coupled with pride, were simply amazing. Years ago, we were told he would […]

The great automobile placebo


The recovery act apparently saved our economy and many of the traditional pillars of our economy, like the automobile industry. Part of the recovery act was a commitment to save these pillars plus a commitment to alternative energy, alternative fuels and alternative energy vehicles Saving our auto industry and then re-visioning it, harnessing the economic […]

Shoot the messenger? Maybe the time is right?


As a business consultant, I have advised entrepreneurs, CEO’s, fortune 500 companies, and all types of groups for over 20 years. The playing field has shifted, perhaps permanently. I now watch the results of a relentless explosion of so-called guru-led coaches and consultants, and I also see the growing field of unemployed c-level executives who […]

Is flying by the seat of your pants a skill?


“There is an emerging body of work that suggests that intuition, sometimes known as “gut” instinct or “flying by the seat on one’s pants” is an essential leadership aptitude and/or skill. There is debate about whether this is a learned skill or innate aptitude. In my experience, it can be taught, but it is most […]

Have you ever heard the sound of tap dancing and farting?

Tap Dancing

Have you ever heard the sound of Tap Dancing and Farting. If you have, it’s probably been you. It’s the sound of the Entrepreneur on the often awkward and frenetic path of entrepreneurship. And if you are successful, you get to do it in public, a lot. The sound is quieter when you are in […]

Transformation is required


Small Business growth: Transformation is required Growth is the lifeblood of entrepreneurship and business success. It is also the lifeblood of our economy. But growth requires work, change and transformation. Perhaps most importantly, growth requires personal transformation in the leadership of the organization. Most small business owners have enough knowledge, experience and resources to get […]

The most important characteristic of successful entrepreneurs


What is the one most important common characteristic of successful entrepreneurs? If you had one question to ask an entrepreneur that would uncover that characteristic, what would you ask? The most important characteristic is Integrity. There are countless definitions of what, who and how are entrepreneurs. There are countless definitions of the meaning of “success”. […]

Results, results, results…


Results in the absence of inquiry is a recipe for disaster. Results are the outcome of decisions you make. Make them well. I can’t tell you how many prospective clients I have had who have expected results overnight to a problem that has taken years to build. Moreover, many entrpeneurs are sure they know the […]