Eat the whole loaf – I dare you!


Entrepreneurship is often a rush to success. Where success is the food of one’s purpose and meaning and Life. And of course, there is a big menu and lots to eat. The natural temptation is, upon finding bread, to try to eat the whole loaf. And of course, the next step is to get sick and then get more sick when you see the bill.

Success in entrepreneurship is about knowing pace and flow, restraint and accountability. It is also about wisdom and knowing how to hoard resources for the future and to never become fat from overeating.

Experienced entrepreneurs learn to eat bread one slice or even one bite at a time. (PS. they generally learn this the hard way).

Similarly, experienced teachers of entrepreneurs realize that their students can only take new information and learn new skills in increments or they will overload.

The process of learning the knowledge, skills and processes of entrepreneurship, personally, professional and organizational is much like the difference between eating bread by the loaf or by the slice or by the bite.

If you do not know restraint, don’t have an experienced teacher or haven’t built a plan for saving your bites of bread for a rainy day, then get help.

Or eat the whole loaf. I dare you.

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