Have you ever heard the sound of tap dancing and farting?

Tap Dancing

Have you ever heard the sound of Tap Dancing and Farting. If you have, it’s probably been you.

It’s the sound of the Entrepreneur on the often awkward and frenetic path of entrepreneurship. And if you are successful, you get to do it in public, a lot. The sound is quieter when you are in the early stages of entrepreneurship, not because you aren’t dancing like crazy, but because there are less people around you to hear your act. The real fun starts when you begin to grow your organization and everyone can see and hear you tap dancing and farting. It’s an acquired skill, and it takes stamina.

As you grow, you become more sophisticated and elaborate with your dance, and more controlled and orchestral with your farts. For example, anyone who has raised money from investors or reported to a Board of Directors knows how to tap dance and fart with a PowerPoint presentation in a suit over hot coals.

Tap Dancing and Farting is a key to success. Part of the essential act of becoming a successful entrepreneur is to become one with your tap dancing and farting, so you can do it with style. And growing your organization involves becoming the leader and choreographer of others, so that you can turn your organization into a well practiced team who can tap dance and fart in unison, with matching harmony and eloquent and masterful solos. Imagine being the equivalent of the Riverdance of Tap Dancing and Farting.

Don’t believe the news of your success as an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurship is a myth, where entrepreneurs are raised up on an iconic pedestal as something heroic, when they are not. Everyone is an entrepreneur. Life is Entrepreneurship, because God didn’t equip any of us with an instruction book at birth. As a consequence, we have to figure out how to be successful in life as we go. It’s an awkward blend of mastering learning, skills, knowledge and our own personal integrity while wandering through a continuous audition for success where the struggle of Life is constantly judged.

To be continued…

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