Tired of Gurus?


Have you noticed that there are a lot of gurus out there these days? Internet marketing, the Power of the Now, Secrets and Key Insights, to wealth, fame and enlightenment are all within your reach. Everyone seems to be an expert these days. But is anyone actually working? Never before has so much information been […]

Watch the Feet


Discernment is a critical skill; in business, in entrepreneurship and in life. Knowing good people from bad people and what to expect from those around you can mean the difference between success and failure. What is discernment? It is perceptiveness and acuteness of judgement and understanding. In this case, it is perceptiveness about people, the […]

Why Does a Dog Lick It’s Balls?


“Because it can!” This is a joke, and a tribute to the late great George Carlin, but it is also a parable for leadership behavior. Dogs have no clue that this behavior could somehow be socially or situationally unacceptable. Neither do many entrepreneurial leaders. Leaders do it Too Why do leaders behave poorly in plain […]

Alternative Capital Formation

Business Plan

Out of sight in plain sight Everyone is looking for money – in all the same places. If you want to find money, you need to look elsewhere. But it is out of sight in plain sight. The process of raising capital has remained largely unchanged for more than twenty years. With the exception of […]

Back Pocket Strategies

Back Pocket

“If Only I Had A Business Instruction Book In My Back Pocket….” Back Pocket Strategies™ are dedicated to the entrepreneur. The person who’s life is on the line who must finance, operate, manage and innovate, all at the same time, while remembering what to do, how to do it and who they are all in […]

Bitching and Whining


Bitching and Whining is a critical entrepreneurial skill. Entrepreneurship is a contact sport, and it most often played alone. Entrepreneurship, whether in business entrepreneurship or in Life entrepreneurship is an attitude and inspiration to take a different road, to try the new, to be in leadership integrity or to take risk or to try to […]

Entrepreneurship is a myth


There is a pervasive myth in our culture that glorifies the role of the entrepreneur as the symbolic representation of the heroic risk taker, the rags-to-riches icon, the driven loner questing for success, the no-holds-barred go-getter, or the master builder who has cracked the code of starting businesses. Nonsense Don’t believe it. It’s nothing but […]

Integrity Based Leadership


We are not born with an instruction book. Entrepreneurship is about taking a vision and turning it into action. All the tasks of assembling people, professionals, and other resources needed to succeed are driven by leadership. No organization grows without leadership. The entire culture of an organization is shaped by leadership, big or small. And […]

Is your baby ugly?

Ugly Baby

Do you really want to know? Can you handle the truth? The good news is you have a business. The bad news is…. There is nothing like the bond between a mother and her child. The cuteness, the cuddling, the closeness and the dreams for an idyllic future make up the stuff of legends. It […]

Oh Shits

Oh Shit

There is wisdom and wonder in the ubiquitous experience of Oh Shit! As we go through Life, playing, working, discovering and growing, we inevitably run into Life’s uncertainties, events that are unexpected, unplanned, unwanted and unwelcome. How many times has something happened where your first reaction was to say or think “Oh Shit!”. Take a […]