The Martial Art of Decision Making

Martial Arts

Every Business is built by decisions Every Leader is made by decisions Every Action is the result of a decision Plan them well Every entrepreneur is made by the decisions he or she makes. Every entrepreneur is faced with make or break decisions; life or death, success or failure, whether a CEO, a hair stylist […]

What is Inquiry worth?

Every decision making moment begins with a question… Every action is the result of a decision making… Every business is built by decision making… Every life is based on decision making… Every leader is made by decisions… Plan Them Well Each decision has different costs, risks, time lines and consequences, and the key is knowing […]

The Power of Inquiry

Inquiry is Power Inquiry is power; the power of  leadership, management, business growthe and personal transformation. We live in an environment of Rationalized Capitalism, where we are paid to conclude and to judge, and rarely to inquire. Inquiry, perhaps the most powerful value and skill development a person or organization can master, is lost in a […]

Inquiry Mastery

Mastering Inquiry is the most important step anyone can take in their life. If you want a breakthough; If you want to change your life; If you want to change your business, Don’t look to conclusions or old answers. Learn to ask very good questions. Life is Entrepreneurship™, where everyone is an entrepreneur, building the […]