Inquiring minds…


Inquiring Minds want to know…… Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it. And as a consequence one of the greatest problems for entrepreneurs and their organizations is that they cannot get out of their own way in order to go to the next step of their own success. Because they […]

Inquiry – The most powerful skill anyone can master


Inquiry is the universal tool for business, science, leadership, and management. It is the root of excellence in decision-making and consistent effective organizational design and development. For example, any investor or entrepreneur relies upon the process of “Due Diligence”, the austere systematic steps to questioning and validation all of the underlying facts and assumptions of […]

Eat the whole loaf – I dare you!


Entrepreneurship is often a rush to success. Where success is the food of one’s purpose and meaning and Life. And of course, there is a big menu and lots to eat. The natural temptation is, upon finding bread, to try to eat the whole loaf. And of course, the next step is to get sick […]

Can I borrow your watch?


Have you ever heard the sarcastic line about the role of a consultant, where the client hires the consultant to tell the time, and the consultant asks “Can I borrow your watch?”. This goes along with the attitude of “I hired you to fix my problems, not ask a lot of questions” These situations refer […]

What is the value of business owner mentoring?


I’ve mentored small business owners for over 20 years, formally and informally. And as a CEO I’ve been mentored and I’m still mentored. My son is a trusted mentor. It’s worth what one puts into it. There is no value one can put on reassurance, wisdom, decision making, guidance, decades of experience transferred in one […]