Business Consulting Services

Have you hit a road-block with your business?

Our Capabilities

Business planning services

We assist in business planning. All of the business plans we have assisted in have been successful in raising capital, across a broad range of investors, from angels, philanthropists and venture capitalists, to preeminent merchant banks.

Strategic business planning services

We have a passion for strategic panning, viewing it as the core of any sustainable organization. We have a unique programmatic methodology for facilitated strategic planning that incorporates expertise in small group process with structured facilitation, dynamic interactive processes and unique leadership and buy-in results.

Corporate business development services

We have been involved with corporate development activities in multiple industries throughout the world, including M&A, joint venturing and strategic partnerships. Because of the intensive nature of these engagements we take on only a select group of clients.

Market research and product development services

We have extensive experience in market research in the context of business and strategic planning, investment and valuation due diligence, information products, brand management, publishing, product development and go-to-market planning.

Business process services

Business process management and flow are essential to efficient and sustainable leadership, management and operations. This is a big experience gap for many entrepreneurs. We have extensive experience in assisting companies throughout the world with process flow and management.

Human resource management services

“They’re not employees, they’re people”2. People are the core of any organization, and people are very complex. One of the first places entrepreneurs trip and fall is in finding and keeping good people, and knowing how and when to let people go, and dealing with the personally and organizational fallout.

We have decades of human resource management expertise, and can advise small and large businesses in the creation of effective leadership and management teams. We assist inn leadership conflict management as well as entrepreneurial team interventions.

Business Finance Services

Our principles have raised over $500 million in capital for a wide variety of ventures. We are experienced in capital formation, strategy, management, planning and valuations.

Business marketing services

Our focus on entrepreneurial management means that we routinely assist our clients with both traditional and guerrilla marketing, including comprehensive internet and social marketing strategies and implementation. We routinely partner with some of the leading innovators in the fields of social and internet marketing to advisors and implement local and international marketing campaigns

Business Operations

Entrepreneurs often crash and burn in the implementation phase of their businesses. We advise on the setup, management as well as turnaround of operations.

Information Management and data integration

Information and the efficient management of information is the life blood of entrepreneurial organizations. We have expertise in the management and integration of complex mission critical information and systems.

Sales management and sales training

Our sales process consultants have built world leading sales teams, producing global leadership in a broad variety of marketplaces and industries.

Brand development, brand management and brand support services

Our brand management experts for business have managed global brands from startup to established market presence.

Business Crisis management

We work with leadership and team to manage crisis. We have experience in a variety of circumstances and prefer working with small management groups, Boards or select groups of stakeholders.

Business Turnarounds

If you are in trouble, we have hands-on capabilities in turnaround management, successfully turning around numerous organizations around the world.

The era of Entrepreneurship is upon us.

Never in history of business has there ever been a confluence of factors contributing to the number of entrepreneurs that are emerging or the entrepreneurial mindset that is now mandatory in order to survive and be sustainable in today’s flattening, highly competitive business world.

It is estimated that over 50% of the US population wants to be an “entrepreneur”1. Moreover, over 70 million people over the age of 50 are now forced to reexamine their life savings and potentially return to work or become entrepreneurs. As the world globalizes, millions of people, formerly “third world” nation populations have access to internet entrepreneurship. A sea change is occurring.

In this arena, everything is a new beginning, a steep learning curve of personal and organizational transformation. Millions of business entrepreneurs need help and thousands of mature organizations are being forced to reinvent themselves, to think entrepreneurially and to manage the disruption that is being forced by the enormous changes occurring to our socioeconomic landscape in their teams, their process and their organizational leadership.

We specialize in Entrepreneurial Management Consulting, bringing expert advisory capabilities to entrepreneurs in business and organizations. Our clients include Fortune 500’s and pizza parlors, CEO’s of billion dollar companies and sole proprietors of startups. We blend the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation with the austere rigor of best practices.

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  2. Drucker, P. F. (2002). They’re not employees, they’re people. Harvard Business Review, 80(2), 70-78