Entrepreneur Mindset

We can help with any Entrepreneur Mindset.

You are what you are thinking.

Everything you do is determined by your mindset.

Entrepreneurs are their business. How they think about themselves, their business, and their life will determine their success. It all lies in mindset.

The entrepreneurial mindset is made up of many components. We focus on several that are keys to life success:

Integrity Based Leadership™: Authentic, or values based leadership, is a critical component to entrepreneurship. Many entrepreneurs have an idea and even a plan, but are unprepared for the leadership role they face in building and growing an organization and managing their work-life balance. Few understand the “crucible of leadership” they face on the road to success. We do. We teach the elements of leadership that prepare the entrepreneur for the long-haul of start-up, funding, team-building, governance, crisis, risk and change. We teach a philosophy that Life is Entrepreneurship™ and we prepare our clients with leadership skills and Back Pocket Strategies™ to be integrity based leaders as a life practice.

Decision Making: Entrepreneurship is decision making. And yet few entrepreneurs are ever taught decision making. Simplifying the complexity of any entrepreneurial venture is a daunting task. We teach the Martial art of decision making™, a life skill that prepares any entrepreneurs for the road ahead.

Risk: Life is full of risk. Most entrepreneurs are not aware of or prepared to manage their risks. All it takes if one Oh Shit™ to turn a dream into a disaster. We teach risk management to entrepreneurial leaders and their organizations, and we make it fun and turn it into a life skill.

Motivation, beliefs and perspectives: Everyone’s perspective precedes their perception. This means that what one thinks or believes or feels sets the stage for everything one observes, creates and reacts to. One person’s adversity is another’s opportunity. One person’s pain is seen as gain by another. Life motivates some, while money motivates others.

“When all you have is a Hammer, everything looks like a nail”

This is a saying that describes the paradox of limited perspective. One cannot build a house and a home with only a hammer. Neither can an entrepreneur grow without transformation, the shifting and growth of perspective.

The entrepreneur’s chief dilemma is transformation, the disciplined practice of shifting his or her own motivation, beliefs and perspectives in order to grow.

We now know that the entrepreneur mindset is plastic, meaning we can literally change who we are, how we feel, and how we behave. We can transform ourselves if we want to.

Entrepreneurs must transform or fail

The world is changing. The entrepreneurial environment is a moving target. In order to succeed and grow, to be sustainable in a changing world, the entrepreneur must be adept at transformation. We teach The Discipline of Transformation™, helping entrepreneurs learn motivation, enabling beliefs and to eliminate limiting perspectives. We help each entrepreneur, from CEO’s to startups, create a toolkit of transformational skills, to replace their hammer.