The gold in green is “Fool’s Gold”


It seems the tides are turning for the economics of “green”, and the luster may be off the rose in “CleanTech”. Why should this be a surprise? Take a look at the latest article from “Venture firms seek light green tech bets” .It seems that all of the people who expected to “cash […]

Is flying by the seat of your pants a skill?


“There is an emerging body of work that suggests that intuition, sometimes known as “gut” instinct or “flying by the seat on one’s pants” is an essential leadership aptitude and/or skill. There is debate about whether this is a learned skill or innate aptitude. In my experience, it can be taught, but it is most […]

Inquiring minds…


Inquiring Minds want to know…… Unfortunately, you don’t know what you don’t know, until you know it. And as a consequence one of the greatest problems for entrepreneurs and their organizations is that they cannot get out of their own way in order to go to the next step of their own success. Because they […]